Care Counselors

Focus Scripture: Romans 12:5 – “So we who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members’ one of another.” (NASB)

Vision: All new members become an integral part of PRBC and embrace the church vision as their own.
Mission: Our mission is to minister to new members and ensure they are ready to be baptized if needed and to ensure that they understand PRBC’s vision. We are to be their care takers and partners in the ministry until they attend and complete VIP.

Reasons for Existence/Purpose

  • To ensure that all persons who join are aware that they can become a part of the ministry immediately, that they are part of the body and they feel connected.
  • To ensure that Pilgrim Rest maintains its membership by helping new members find a ministry to work in, embrace the vision of the church, and feel like they are an essential part of it.
  • To ensure all who want to be baptized, fully understand what it is and why they are doing it.


  • Discipleship leaders
  • We are to serve those who are new to the Kingdom of God,
  • We are to serve those who want to reconnect and those who have been hurt in the process
  • We are to serve those who just want to be a part of God’s family.

Ensure that we are keeping in contact with new members
Address concerns of new members immediately
Encourage new members to seek God for direction on what ministry they should work in.
Ensure that all who are eligible attend VIP classes

Impact on Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
We are to encourage and guide them until they start VIP.
We should be a prayer partner and available for any questions and/or concerns they have about being a part of PRBC.
We can explain PRBC Vision and purpose and how they can contribute to the church
We should encourage them to Praise God. Explain they will be a part of our vision because as part of the Kingdom of God they can encourage others to change their lives and live for Christ and be part of this ministry.
If we are faithful and diligent in our duty as care counselors we will nourish these new members so that they will realize that they can immediately have an impact of being a part of the church’s vision.



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