Focus Scripture(s): I Timothy 3:13 (Servant Model) and I Peter 2:21

Vision: A Church Assisting the Pastor in Vision Completion

To Assist the Pastor in Vision Completion

Reasons for Existence/Purpose

  • To support the Pastor in rendering service to the congregation
  • To assist the Pastor in being more effective in his role
  • To be extensions of the Pastor


  • To be model servants to the members of all areas of ministry
  • To assist the Pastor in leading and serving
  • Ministering in order to demonstrate and encourage spiritual growth and mature faith in family living, that is acceptable and pleasing to God

Impact on Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church

  • Allows the Church to continue to grow by freeing up the Pastor to grow the Church and feed the flock The body is strengthened
  • Helps fulfill the mission of the Church
  • Shows a unified leadership



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