Mime N Motion

Focus Scripture: Psalms 149:1-3

Vision: We endeavor to labor in the Kingdom of God by ministering to the nations through illustrative messages of encouragement, salvation, and praise with music and dance that will compel the non Believer to come to Christ, and the Believer to remain in Christ and all to continue to grow in Christ as we advance the Kingdom of God.

Mission: To magnify the Lord of Host through expressions of praise and music that encompassed the totality of our body, mind, heart, and soul as yielded vessels to the Holy Spirit by which God ministers to all people, through dance (MIME).

Reasons for Existence/Purpose
1. Minster the word of God through expressive, illustrative movements
2. Use the total body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit to unify as one instrument glorifying God
3. Minister salvation, encouragement, and the good news of Christ with dramatic gestures
4. To draw others to Christ
5. Minister to other youth through dance and music

1. To spiritually capture the Word to effectively minister through motion
2. To choreograph gestures, facial expressions, and body language
3. To choose appropriate music and spoken Words that can be translated into motion

Impact on Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
1. Changes the atmosphere for the worship experience (especially for youth and children) to be more inclusive
2. Captures and focuses attention on the Word of God through the lyrics and music
3. Draws more people to Christ, nontraditionally
4. Delivers a powerful message of hope, healing, forgiveness, love, and salvation
5. Touches people’s hearts in the inner most chambers/places through dance and passionate expressions



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