Praise & Worship

Focus Scripture(s): Ephesians 5:19

Vision: God’s People in His Presence on Earth

Mission: To Effectively Lead God’s People into His Presence Through Praise

Reasons for Existence/Purpose

  • To lift up our God and King through the singing of songs that reflect on His goodness.
  • Effectively use the ministry of music to point worshipers to God
  • To create an atmosphere of praise and worship
  • To bring a sense of excitement for Christ during the worship experience


  • To intentionally plan to lead God’s people into worship
  • To present a level of musical excellence during worship
  • To support the worship leader during services
  • To encourage the congregation to praise God
  • To be an example to follow in praise to God

Impact on Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church

  • Creates a more celebrative worship experience
  • Encourages praise to God through leadership
  • Lives changed because of God’s presence
  • Worshipers eager to enter the sanctuary

Ministry Leader: First Lady Tarsha Gibson

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