Seasoned Saints Choir

Focus Scripture: Psalm 33:1-3

Vision: A Christ-Centered, Unified, Focused, and Skilled Music Ministry

Mission: Training Seasoned Saints Singers According to God’s Word

Reasons for Existence/Purpose
1. To seek the lost by lifting up the name of Jesus through song
2. To set the tone and mood for Seasoned Saints service
3. To fulfill the spiritual need for an exciting worship experience
4. To prepare hearts to receive the Word of God
5. To reach the unchurched and pre-Christians through music

1. To prepare Seasoned Saints singers to effectively minister God’s Word through song
2. To center all minds and hearts on Christ
3. To maintain a consistent flow throughout worship during Seasoned Saints service

Impact on Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
1. The Music Ministry draws others to Pilgrim Rest
2. Members are retained and visitors come back
3. Helps to keep the membership encouraged through God’s Word
4. Helps create an atmosphere of joy and peace
6. People are open to receive the Word of God



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