Focus Scripture: Luke 14:23

Vision: Expanding the reach of God’s word to those in need of transportation to the House of the Lord. Developing innovative ideas that allow for inclusion of all who desire to worship and fellowship with the PRBC family at all church services and functions

Mission: Guide members and nonmembers of the congregation and community into the House of the Lord for worship and praise

Reasons for Existence/Purpose

  • To provide transportation to individuals who need it to attend Pilgrim Rest’s various services and bible studies
  • To assist the Church when traveling to various events and services away from the Church building
  • To assist ministries in transporting individuals to various locations
  • To help those who do not know Christ to come to know Him by serving them


  • Expand the transportation ministry to reach as many people as possible
  • Make certain that those requesting transportation to PRBC arrive safely and on time for worship service and other church functions
  • Maintain church vehicles in good mechanical condition as well as interior and exterior cleanliness
  • All those requesting transportation to PRBC will be accommodated
  • Make certain all drivers are trained and have a current background check on file

Impact on Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church

  • More individuals who are able to come to various services and studies at Pilgrim Rest
  • Increases visibility of Pilgrim Rest in the community
  • Church growth through transportation services



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