PRBC’s Family Spotlight Videos

We miss seeing you!

During this time when we can’t meet in person as a church, we still want to be connected, see each other, and hear each other’s voices. We may not be together under the same roof, but we are still the church. We are still the House of Love!

PRBC Family, we need your help!

From the safety of your home, upload a quick video of you with your family, your friends, or your pet and say “Hello” to your church family. Share a word of encouragement or a verse, if you like.

We will be sharing your videos on Sunday mornings over the coming weeks, so watch for your family to be featured.


Set up your phone to record in landscape mode. 

Press record and say “Good morning, from the _______ house!”

Please limit your videos to 90 seconds or less.

Submit your video by email to

Here are some additional tips, tricks & techniques to help you record your videos. These are not requirements.

Shooting locations:

If indoors:  record at a blank wall with no pictures behind you for your security/privacy, unless they are participating in the video avoid additional people/background noise

If outdoors:  Avoid high traffic areas or populated places with background noise

Record your video in landscape view.

Make sure you are centered on your camera.

Avoid recording in front of any mirrors or in a doorway

For stability:

prop the recording device on a tripod, book, stand, etc. OR have someone record for you

Do not hold the phone yourself and record

Please use your normal speaking voice – speak clearly and maintain eye contact with your camera; blink naturally and have fun 🙂

If you are reading scripture, please try not to look down the entire time in order to make the recording comes off as personable as possible.

Technical Recording Specifications

  • Your video should be 90 seconds MAXIMUM
  • Ensure that you have a “:02” buffer at the beginning and end of your record